Unlocking Breakthrough Performance


We believe that growth and development is best enabled in the flow of work, as leaders tackle their most complex business challenges. It’s possible, it’s transformational, and we have over 20 years of experience doing it.


Our experience tells us that the quality of business outcome is almost always directly related to the quality of leadership. And yet, businesses often overlook this crucial element of success. We want to change this.


We want to make a difference in the world. Our collective experience, combined with our commitment to delivering real business results, makes us the perfect partner for any organisation looking to unlock performance and think and act beyond the conventional.

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An asset on any large-scale and global business engagements
– Executive, Global Software Firm
Passion, knowledge, dedication, analysis, and way of working is phenomenal… helped me with my 37,000 global organization and made a serious difference.
– President, Customer Delivery, Global Telecomm Firm
Brought outstanding and much needed practical organisational development practices into our company during a period of intense change.
– CHRO, Global LifeSciences Firm
A tremendous asset to our project teams and involvement ensured a successful outcome.
– Executive Manager, International Retailer
The most effective Change Consultant I worked with and the most valued by our customers.
– Senior Partner, Global Professional Services Firm
The best summary is that the team thanked me for bringing Concio in.
– GM, Wireless Transmission Business Unit

Our Founders

David Clarke
Ricardo Troiano
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What We Do

Our approach is rooted in resolutely working towards seizing real-world opportunities, not in learning theory and models, working alongside you to build the discipline and practices required to consistently innovate, experiment, and thrive in the daily flow of work.

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